Joss o Serenity, bez spoilera

Tehnički, ne radi se o seriji, ali ipak je Joss Whedon u pitanju. Tipično dobar intervju za

Meni najdraži dijelovi:

One of the artists that I had working was [Swamp Thing co-creator] Bernie Wrightson. I saw the drawings and I was like, “Jesus, this guy sure likes Bernie Wrightson a lot.” They said “Yeah, that’s because he is Bernie Wrightson.” I’m like, “No way you got him!” But they did and he did some concept drawings for Reavers, which was really cool.

The difference is that Summer did it all herself. With the exception of a couple of wire gags, she did every single thing herself so it made shooting the fights actually fun for the first time in my life. It was like watching a dance so we just kept the camera on her, made sure the hits registered and that was it. Having a lot of prep time and having a girl that could do that much brought it to a new level.

I can’t give you a numbers exactly. I’m not much of a numbers guy. I would be happy if the people at Universal are happy. Expectations for the opening weekend are not huge. This is a movie that we think depends on word of mouth. What would make me happy would be a small drop-off for the second weekend. The idea that it didn’t just burst and then disappear the way most of the bigger movies do.

(BTW, Serenity je prvi vikend bio drugi film na američkom box officeu. Woohoo.)

O planovima za novi film, Goners

Unfortunately, not much more than you read except that there’s an s on the end. It is a fantasy thriller, it is pretty dark and it’s all me. So people will pretty much know what that means if they look at my body of work. But it’s a new universe set in the present day with a new concept for me and a new bunch of characters. It’s been a long time since I got to do that, so that’s really fun.

I am tat free. I am as God made me, including the baby fat.

… i čitav intervju je na

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    Zakon 🙂

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